A sector that is also growing rapidly in our country


Among all these captivating tales that narrate the exploits of admirable men and women who supported their philanthropic cause in a different way, during the evening Pierri focused on the last two.

He revealed the figure of Giuseppe Verdi

This extraordinary Maestro who in addition to his well-known talent had a very strong impulse to help the weakest of his lands: he built a hospital, that of Villanova d’Arda, to support his Emilian people, then he founded a kindergarten in Cortemaggiore and finally the House in Piazza Buonarroti in Milan, built to “welcome old artists not favored by fortune”, in an era when there were no pensions.

Even today that Milanese home for retired musicians hosts elderly musicians and every day comes alive with a concert at 5 pm;

Today it is also frequented by young music students even though they are obliged to have at least one meal with the elderly.

  • All this leads to the revealing of Maestro Verdi a part of himself that is extremely attentive to the dignity of man, with a great social and political conscience and capable of a powerful humanitarian action.
  • He had a reserved attitude and little inclination to exhibit and also a meticulous attention to detail, both of the economic and administrative ones (from the compilation of the Statute, to the choice of the architect, to the future sustainability) as well as those aimed at decorum and welfare of its beneficiaries.

The latest discovery that the curator of Philanthropy revealed to us was that of the Foqus Foundation, a story of urban regeneration carried out in the Spanish neighborhoods of Naples, one of the most difficult and fragile places in Italy where the founder Rachele Furfaro and then the Director Renato Quaglia have been able to build a place for meetings and the rebirth of a community.

An important hinge role between PRI flows

An example of generosity and altruism supported by the best business principles and professional skills.

  1. In 2013 they renovated an old convent in the Spanish neighborhoods and made it a place of hybridization of social bodies, bringing together companies, cooperatives, training activities and educational services, essentially a great and virtuous example of social innovation.
  2. A book full of ideas, history and stories, of technical and fiscal annotations to strive for greater professionalism in the broad and fascinating world of philanthropy.

An important hinge role between PRI flowsThe number of third sector entities has risen by 45% since 2001 with 342,432 entities present in Italy, from which a total of disbursements equal to over € 9 billion are recorded, according to ISTAT and European Foundation Center data, and where the value of individual donations already reached over 7 billion USD in 2015.

Personally, I hope that this vast world of philanthropy will truly evolve towards greater professionalism, able to provide resources and above all planning and thus become capable of appropriating useful skills to give birth to social initiatives.

  • Volunteering, philanthropy and charity
  • Strategic goals

Contribute to improving living conditions and favoring the integration of the weakest social categories, with the aim of building a more inclusive and welcoming community, also by encouraging the creation of social networks to support people in conditions of fragility and their families .